Wednesday, April 22, 2009

certificate of participation

This is what we get from water board..
A certificate of participation for essay competition on world water day..
just for ur info, our doris won second prize in the competition..


most show no sign =.=
few flashes victory sign..
1 show hi-5..
and plz take a look at sean and me..
we flashes an Alien sign..
it looks weird..
Miss Beatrice asked us what is that sign actually is..

Actually this Alien sign is what we get from the "Monsters VS Aliens" , 2009 computer-animated 3D feature film from DreamWorks Animation and Paramount Pictures, when papa bear (President of US in anime) met Aliens in US, he show Alien sign which means " I come in peace. "

haha.. wat a weird sign~~


Anonymous said...

miss you all!

Andrew said...

who're you?

Anonymous said...

guess xD

Andrew said...

then i hv to list out the name list..xD