Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A journey to the centre of the "water board"??

i hv to write about this first because everyone is waiting the photo taken on the world water day..xD
actually it should be done by our PC.. but he cant sign in.. =.=

A journey to the centre of the "water board" ?
it's real.. we're hving our journey inside water board..

Actually we're forced to go there.. haha xD
we joined the prize giving for the essay competition..

our school representative..

yeah~ smile!

This is what we found inside our sibu water board..

just hv a look at sibu water.. ugh~

i hv no idea why they capture this machine~~

this look great.. quite beautiful..



better hv a group photo first..
eueuii.. 2ppl face is missing=.=


we hving our "jamuan ringan" finally..
PC and me wait so long for this.. >.<

our cindy!!wah...

I told u a secret.. Sean throw food away.. Shh...

steph and Dee..

+ yng..

plz look at our president!! Mr.Sean..."boss" standing style.. =.=

we're leaving.. bb to water board..

~Journey End~

sry to tell u tat i resize the photo to 1024 coz it is too big.. o.o
and.. and if the green and red one ( sry, dont know ur name..) saw this pic..
On behalf of our class..may i thank you for being our cameraman for the group photo..^^


SeanT said...

the food is not thrown by me ho >.<

SeanT said...

haha... how i stand also need comment a... woei tan n andrew so hungry till mai tou ku chi ... lolz....

wenn dee said...

wah,i love tis blog,well done^^