Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just sry to tell you that we make a mistake..
we save wrongly for the photo..
& that's why photo are so small..
but we learn from our mistaken anyway..
so, we edit and arrange it..
the word F.6 >> Form 6
how is it?
by the way, we are having some briefing tat day..
about erm.. just some knowledge for our edu.. ( very boring.. coz we already know what they want to share.. these ppl always last minute.. -,-)
b4 i forget about it..
Happy Belated Birthday to ling!!!
we do hv "party" for her in class..
bunsen burner represent cake with candle..xD
Birthday songs for her..
it must be a very special "party" for her..
Hope she will always remember it..