Saturday, June 27, 2009

Science and Math exhibition on 27/6/09 at SMK Tung Hua

See.. our chemistry smile so sweetly

Ahh.. electic shock!!

Physic exhibition from other class Busy preparing for the physic exhibition Van De Graaf Generator? What is that? Hello.. everyone i am Alan.. haha Eric, why you look so angry??! Du du du du .. "I can hear your heart beat." say sie yuan "let me explain to you how to use this." say Doris to Pei Lim Teacher involve in this body check-up too "You may have getting high blood pressure." say teacher lai lai lai.. got 50% discount!! What is the Fruits that is good for body? ei? why there is no people at the stall? hehehe.. we four are from 6RS2 insect in school? butterfly .. bee.. wao!! busy busy... let me show u a victory!! need to move faster... "don't forget to take my photo too!!" say teacher Member of chemistry group from 6RS1 chemical chameleon? sodium hydroxide can be used to wash drain... swirl! swirl! swirl faster Is that Ribena? waa.. she is busy wif laughing... haha Am i look serious when i present it? say stephanic "I wan to show u all the Magic." say patrick busy .. busy.. "Why there is a fish in the beaker?" say alan Although we did not won any prize in this chemistry competition but we learn how to promote thing to others. My group member all are sad but we glad to take part!! Here i also have published some about bio exhibition. Our class did the exhibition on fruits, we learn what to eat in order to become healthy. 6RS1 take part in this bio exhibition too!! Our class got physic exhibition too!! Tell you all that Alan Tang is no satisfied wif his presentation on physic.. haha!!


Jun said...

well done guys^^ miss school a lot=) any activities going on in august that i can take part? haha!

Patrick Chiew Seng Hou said...

Activities in August a...emm.. Singing national anthemn ba.. haha.. celebrating of National Day!

Andrew said...

actually the most important activities in August is exam..haha