Monday, June 22, 2009

Pencil balancing

i saw this on youtube when i search for physics experiment for the exhibition on the coming saturday..
itis a simple physics experiment on centre of gravity..
i decided to try it out..and i did it..

you can try it too..

First, i need a pencil

a compass

pierce the pencil with compass..

and it become like this..

now i try to put it at the edge of the table..

my hand still there..

and i did it!the pencil not fall down and it balance well..

different angle of the view..

and i try to put it on my finger..

and i want to make another one..
i replace the compass with a nail cutter..
please note that it is not necessary to use the compass.. we can use a knife too..

yes.. it work well on the table..

and on the hand..

actually i want to put this 3 together..
and balance it..

and i did it.. haha..

please be careful when you pierce the pencil..
look at my finger.. =.=

Enjoy yourself with the experiment!


Tang Swee Seng said...

Andrew i so respect to you. You sacrified your fingers to do experiment for this saturday... Respectfully to you, Andrew!!! SO happy have this mankind alive and in 6RS1

Andrew said...

but your sound like...laughing at me >.<

Tang Swee Seng said...

Manai oh haha

Andrew said...

i ady knw lo..

Patrick said...

What a nice experiment!!! Andrew, please perform it well on this Saturday. Don't make me feel no face!!

Andrew said...

i am not going to do this on the exhibition..>.<
we do the van der graaf generator..

Patrick said...

Why not doing this ler? This experiment should attract alot of students and teachers. I mean when your hand got injured they will be attracted ... haha = =III

Andrew said... finger already recover on tat day lo~~
i dont want to cut my hand again.. haha..
may be.. erm.. i will consider about it just if alan be the model.. haha..xD

Tang Swee Seng said...

Hope too la, hahahaha

Patrick said...

Let us do our best in that exhibition!!

Andrew said...

bio can cut alan o..
cut him into pieces and we look at his lung.. haha..

Suk Jun said...

ridiculous to find this blog, surprising, anyway, gonna meet you all here always then^^